Instagram, a combination of horse and ocean fads in Japan


Instagram, a combination of horse and ocean fads in Japan

The video posting application “Instagram” is a strange epidemic in Japan.

Horses are active as instagram grammar in Okinawa Prefecture with the most beautiful ocean in Japan.

Horses and the sea.

This is an image transmitted to people’s feelings beyond language.

Beautiful sea and horse!

インスタ映えする馬と海 #sea #japan #horse #horses #馬 #馬の被り物 #エロ画像 #ナイトプール

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The sea and the horse are fused perfectly.

Miyakojima in Okinawa Prefecture has the most beautiful sea in Japan.

Tourists from all over the world will come to Miyakojima in summer.

Once a year, horses also come to Miyakojima.

Kamehameha wave!

かめはめ波なう #馬 #馬の被り物 #horse #sea #ナイトプール #かめはめ波 #かめはめ波なう #エロ写メ

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Japanese anime “Dragon Ball” is popular all over the world.

“Kamehameha wave” used by the hero’s son Goku is fashionable.

Horses play “Kamehameha wave” against the backdrop of a beautiful ocean.

It is wonderful.

“Kaikei” will continue releasing “Kamehameha wave” in the beautiful sea of ​​Okinawa.


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